Zeiss LSM 800


Contact: Tomasz Węgierski

Access: training required

Access fee for academic users: 125 PLN net per hour

Access fee for commercial users: 250 PLN net per hour

General Description

Confocal microscope on inverted stand with Airyscan detector for scanning with enhanced resolution (140 nm in XY, 340 nm in Z). Diode lasers: 405, 488, 561, and 640 nm. Detectors: two internal GaAsP PMTs and a 32-channel Airyscan detector. Lenses: 10×/0.3 (dry), 20×/0.5 (dry), 40×/1.3 (oil), 40×/1.2 (water), 63×/1.4 (oil).  Incubation cage and heating insert with CO2 delivery for live imaging. Software and hardware autofocus. Motorized XY stage. Acquisition software: ZEN 2.6. More advanced experiments can be designed with Experiment Designer.


  • Confocal imaging of fluorescently labeled specimens (images can be easily deconvolved)
  • Imaging at enhanced resolution (Airyscanning)
  • Co-localization (with two apochromatic lenses: 40×/1.2 and 63×/1.4)
  • Live imaging (water-immersion lens 40×/1.2)
  • Spectral imaging

Sample preparation

Samples must be on glass coverslips for imaging with lenses 40× – 63× (e.g. slides, 35-mm petri dishes with glass bottom). Dry lenses (especially 10× (W.D. 5.2 mm), possibly also 20× (W.D. 2 mm)) can also be used with samples on thicker glass/plastic dishes. No special requirements for fluorescent dyes (including Airyscanning)