VP-DSC MicroCal/Malvern Microcalorimeter

Room  612

Contact: Roman Szczepanowski

Access to the instrument after short training


Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC) is a powerful analytical technique for characterizing the thermal stability of the biological macromolecules.

DSC directly measures heat changes that occur in the sample solution during a precise  increase or decrease of the temperature, analyzing a temperature difference between the sample and the reference cells.

By measuring the change of heat capacity (ΔCp) as a function of temperature, DSC allows the direct determination of the variations of enthalpy (ΔH),  entropy (ΔS), and the mid-transition temperature (Tm, when 50% of the molecules are in  unfolded state), associated to each structural transition.

Operating Temperature Range:  -10° to 130°C

Cell Design: Tantalum, coin shape, 0.5 ml. For safe loading min. 1.2 ml of  solution is necessary.

Up-scans speed: 0°C/hr to 90°C/hr, down-scans: scan rates:  0°C/hr to -60°C/hr

Further reading

VP-DSC User’s Manual