Transmission Electron Microscope

Tecnai T12

Contact: Matylda Macias

Access: with assistance

TEM imaging service: currently for internal users only

Tecnai T12

General description

Transmission Electron Microscope FEI Tecnai T12 BioTWIN 120 kV in combination with the TemCam F-Series camera.

NOTE: T12 is supported by Core Facility for conventional imaging of cells and tissue samples.


  • Ultrastructure visualization with TEM
  • Preembedding TEM
  • Colocalisation of proteins (Proximity Ligation Assay for TEM)
  • Cryo-EM of protein complexes

Sample requirements

Samples for TEM have to be fixed strongly enough to preserve ultrastructure and protect specimen against dehydration, staining, vacuum and electric beam. Fixative solutions usually contain glutaraldehyde. The sample has to be cut for ultra-thin (40 – 80 nm) section and put on EM grid.

Further reading

  • Protocols for cells and tissue preparation for pre- and postembedding TEM
  • Protocols for proteins colocalization with  PLA method adapter for pre-embedding TEM