Tecan Infinite M1000 microplate reader,  Room 613

Contact: R. Szczepanowski

Access: users after short training


General description

The Tecan INFINITE M1000 is a multifunctional monochromator-based microplate reader ( fluorimeter)  that provides high performance for the vast majority of today’s microplate applications and research.  The Infinite M1000 uses Tecan’s premium Quad4 Monochromators™ technology to offer exceptional speed, sensitivity and flexibility for academic, biotechnology and pharmaceutical research applications.

Instrument is operated by Magellan software.


Wavelength Range          230 to 850 nm (Fluorescence) Excitation 230-850nm; Emission 280-850nm

Optical System                 Quad4 Monochromators

Measuring Time                11 (96 plate) to 100 sec (depending on mode, wells)

Reading Modes                  6 to 1536 Well NanoQuant Plates

Temperature Control       [RT + 4C] to 42C

Shaking                               Linear, orbital, double orbital with variable amplitudes