Room: 609

Contact: Katarzyna Misztal

Access: short training on request, no reservation needed


General Description

Quantus is a fluorometer for sensitive and fast fluorescent quantification of nucleic acid and proteins. It is a dual channel system with two excitation filters (red: 640 nm and blue: 495 nm) and two emission filters (red: 660 – 720 nm and blue: 510 – 580 nm). Quantus works with preprogrammed settings for Promega QuantiFluor Dye Systems but can be customized for other fluorescent dyes. It uses 1 ul of sample volume.

Quantus sensitivity with QuantiFluor Dye Systems:

  • dsDNA: 10 pg – 200 ng/µl
  • ssDNA: 200 pg – 400 ng/µl
  • RNA: 100 pg – 500 ng/µl   

QuantiFluor Dyes and tubes are available in Core Facility.


DNA and RNA quantification for e.g Next Generation Sequencing

Further reading

Quick manual: how to measure DNA and RNA with Quantus. Doc

Quantus Fluorometer Operating Manual.pdf

Check Promega webpage for more details.