Opera Phenix


Contact: Tomasz Węgierski

Access: training required

Image acquisition service fee for academic users: 100 PLN net per hour

Image acquisition service fee for commercial users: 200 PLN net per hour

Image analysis: ask Tomasz Węgierski

Opera Phenix

General Description

The Opera Phenix from PerkinElmer is an automated confocal spinning disk microscope. It is equipped with a robotic arm for automatic plate handling, two cameras and four laser lines (405, 488 561, 640 nm). The microscope has four air objectives (1.25×, 5×, 10× and 20×) and two water objectives with automatic immersion system (20× and 40×). The system has software for unbiased image analysis with options of phenotypic screening and machine learning algorithms


  • Confocal imaging of fluorescently labeled multi-well plates
  • Bright-field and digital contrast imaging
  • Live imaging
  • Co-localization

Sample preparation

Samples must be on multi-well plates suitable for microscopy. No special requirements for fluorescent dyes.

Further Reading

  1. Opera Phenix User Manual
  2. Opera Phenix Application Guide
  3. Image Analysis Guide