Olympus CellR/ScanR

Contact: Tomasz Węgierski

Access: training required

Access fee for academic users: 50 PLN net per hour

Access fee for commercial users: 100 PLN net per hour

General Description

Wide-field fluorescence microscope on inverted stand for real-time acquisition of live and fixed cells. Illumination with 150 W xenon lamp or 100 W halogen lamp. Fast excitation filter-wheel and shutter. Front-illuminated EM-CCD Hamamatsu camera. Lenses: 10×/0.4, 20×/0.75, 40×/0.6, 40×/0.95 (all dry) and 60×/1.35 (oil).  Nomarski contrast. Incubation cage and heating insert with CO2 delivery for live imaging. Hardware and software autofocus. Motorized XYZ axes. Acquisition software: CellR for multidimensional imaging and ScanR for unbiased, high-throughput imaging.  


  • Fast, multidimensional, fully-motorized acquisition of fluorescence samples
  • Ca2+ imaging with Fura-2
  • Semi-high throughput imaging of cells in multiwell plates

Sample preparation

Samples must be on glass coverslips (e.g. slides, 35mm petri dishes with glass bottom, 40mm Warner Instruments chambers) or thin imaging-quality plastic except when using 10×/0.4 and 40×/0.6 which can image through thicker glass/plastic dishes (thickness must be less than 2 mm). No special requirements for fluorescent dyes.