NanoDrop 3300

(TermoFisher Scienific)

Room: 609

Contact: Katarzyna Misztal

Access: short training on request, no reservation needed

NanoDrop 3300

General Description

NanoDrop 3300 is a fluorospectometer for ultra-low nuclei acids and protein samples mass detection. It is equipped with three excitation diodes (UV: 365 nm, Blue: 470 nm and White: 460 – 650 nm) for broad spectrum fluorescecnce analysis. It is compatible with SYBR, GFP, Pico and RiboGreen, Hoechst, Fluorescamine and many other fluorophores. It uses only 1 ul of sample volume.

Sensitivity for dyes:

  • SybrGreen I (dsDNA): 1 pg – 1 ng/µl
  • SybrGold (ssDNA): 2.5 pg – 1 ng/µl
  • RiboGreen (RNA): 5 pg – 1 ng/µl

These dyes are availabe in Core Facility.


  • DNA and RNA quantification for e.g Next Generation Sequencing
  • Proteins and peptides quantification
  • FRET

Further reading

  1. NanoDrop 3300 Fluorospectrometer User Manual.pdf
  2. SybrGreen I dsDNA Assay.pdf
  3. RiboGreen RNA Assay.pdf
  4. Check Nanodrop 3300 webpage for more details.