Zeiss Lightsheet Z.1


Contact: Tomasz Węgierski

Access: training required

Access fee for academic users: 75 PLN net per hour

Access fee for commercial users: 150 PLN net per hour


General Description

Lightsheet-type microscope for imaging of fluorescently labeled large samples (e.g. zebrafish larvae) with optical sectioning. Lasers: 405, 458, 488, 514, 561, and 640 nm. Two sCMOS cameras. Detection lenses: 5× (dry), 20×/1.0, 40×/1.0, and 63×/1.0 (all water immersion).  Samples can be moved in 4-axes. Dual-side excitation and pivot scan for better acquisition of obscured structures. Continuous Z drive for fast volumetric imaging. Acquisition software: ZEN 2014 for Lightsheet. Two 30-TB storage PCs for data acquisition.


  • Fast volumetric imaging of fluorescently labeled (live) zebrafish
  • Simultaneous imaging in two spectral channels
  • Multiview imaging, registration, and fusion
  • Possibility to image in transmitted light-mode

Sample preparation

Samples must be embedded in capillaries in 1-2% low-melting point agarose. Live zebrafish must be anaesthetized. Multiview imaging may require adding of fiducial markers (fluorescent beads).