Covaris M220 Focused-ultrasonicator

Room: 609

Contact: Katarzyna Misztal

Access: short training on request, no reservation needed


General Description

Covaris M220 ultrasonicator operates with Adaptive Focused Acoustics (AFA) technology at high frequencies (>400 KHz) to generate fragment sizes between 150 and 5000 bp with highly reproducible distribution and thus standarized results. The process is quiet and isothermal (under continous temperature control) with no risk of heat-damage of the sample. One sample can be sheared per run.

Different tubes are available for DNA/RNA/chromatin shearing.


Sample volume

Fragment sizes

MicroTUBE -15 or 50 or 500

15 ul or 50 ul or 500 ul

150 – 550 bp


130 ul

100 – 1500 bp

MiniTUBE clear, blue or red

200 ul

2 kb, 3 kb or 5kb

Tubes for 50 ul and 130 ul are available in IIMCB Core Facility.


  • DNA, RNA or chromatin shearing for e.g Next Generation Sequencing

Further reading

  1. Quick Guide: DNA Shearing with M220.pdf
  2. Quick Guide: Fragmentation of Total RNA with M220.pdf
  3. Check the covaris webpage for more details.