Bioruptor Pico (Diagenode)

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Contact: Katarzyna Misztal

Access: short training on request, no reservation needed



General Description

Bioruptor Pico is a low frequencies ultrasonicator  with an integrated cooling system to generate fragment sizes between 150 and 1000 bp with highly reproducible distribution. It is flexible in volumes (20 ul – 2 ml) and allows shear up to 16 samples simultaneously. Different tube holders are available.

Holders (available in Core Facility) and recommended sample volumes:

  • 16 x 0.2 ml tubes, 20 – 100 ul
  • 6 x 1.5 ml tubes, 100 – 300 ul
  • 6 x 15 ml tubes, 300 ul – 2 ml


  • DNA, RNA and chromatin shearing for e.g Next Generation Sequencing
  • Protein extraction from tissues and cells

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